Toyota Tsusho America Partners with Tron Sports

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Vista, California

October 16, 2015

Wholesale Sports, Inc. (“WSI”), a domestic U.S. sporting goods manufacturing and retail/wholesale company is pleased to announce its entry into a business alliance with Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. (“TAI”)  for sports equipment material procurement and development. Through this alliance, WSI has introduced a new line of ice hockey equipment (goaltender masks and hockey sticks) made from recycled carbon fiber material sourced and supplied by TAI.

WSI CEO, Chris Malki, stated: “We are very excited to have this business alliance with Toyota Tsusho, which gives us access to advanced high quality, high strength recycled carbon fiber materials. The possibilities for using these materials in other types of sporting equipment are almost unlimited, and both companies will continue to work closely to develop additional lines of carbon fiber sporting goods.”

TAI VP, Joel Logan, stated: “Our business alliance with WSI gives us a great opportunity to expand into the sports equipment field, and at the same time continue our focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship by promoting the development of sporting goods made from recycled carbon fiber.”

About Wholesale Sports, Inc.

Wholesale Sports, Inc. (“WSI”) was established in 2012 and is located at 2755 Dos Aarons Way, Vista, CA 92081 USA. WSI’s main business is in the e-commerce (retail and wholesale) sector focusing on original brand product development, sales and marketing of ice hockey and other sporting goods to domestic and overseas markets. WSI’s products include TRON brand ice hockey equipment and Alkali brand inline hockey equipment.

For more information about TRON brand ice hockey equipment, visit

For more information about Alkali brand roller hockey equipment, visit

About Toyota Tsusho America, Inc.

Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. (“TAI”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation of Japan, which was founded as a trading and supply-chain specialist of the Toyota Group. TAI has been operating in North America since 1960. Over the past four decades, it has evolved from a trader in a limited number of commodities and finished goods to a multi-business enterprise which combines international trading with an expansive range of domestically targeted functions such as logistics and supply-chain services, development of new manufacturing enterprises, intermediate goods processing, etc. TAI has offices in 16 states from coast to coast in the U.S. and operations in Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica, with consolidated annual sales in excess of $4 billion.

For more information about Toyota Tsusho America, Inc., visit

Media Contacts:

Chris Malki, Chief Executive Officer, Wholesale Sports, Inc.: 760-727-2762 or

Mike Lavender, Senior Vice President and Director, Toyota Tsusho America, Inc.: (502) 868-3495 or



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Well folks, it’s time for March Madness, Hockeytron Style!  As big fans of “cawlidge hawkey” we will be doing our own contest, where YOU fill out the bracket with your picks, and at the end of the tournament the winners will receive prizes.


Here are the rules:

Download this Hockeytron March Madness Bracket

You must fill out a bracket with your name and email.

Email the bracket to  before MARCH 28th.


1 point for a Round 1 Winner

3 Points for a Round 2 Winner

5 Points for a Round 3 Winner

7 Points for picking the champion


Leaders will be posted on Facebook.

Follow us on twitter at @Tron_Hockey


First place winner gets a high end composite Hockeytron stick

Second place winners gets Hockeytron gloves

More prizes for everyone else!

So make your picks and join us in celebrating cawlidge hawkey!

Tron Comes to Paintball

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Hello to the world of Paintball! We here at Hockeytron are bringing to your sport what we do best in the world of Hockey: bringing high quality equipment to our customers at the best prices possible.

 Paintball began in the woods of Vermont and New Hampshire, and quickly grew in popularity.  A few years ago the sport was on SpikeTV and ESPN, and while the media’s interest in the sport has receded, like hockey, it has become another “punk rock” of sports by maintaining a passionate following.  There are still pro tournaments where players compete in Speedball on the beaches of Florida and California, and the webcasts continue to rise in popularity.

Studies show that there are over 2.5 million people who playpaintball, with over 1.9 million “frequent” players.  Many of these people are paying over $150/year to play.  Approximately 67,000 paintball guns are sold in the US per month.

On average, if a player wanted to start playing ice hockey, it would be at $500 investment to get the bare minimums.  Now using Tron equipment, a player can start playing ice hockey for less than $300 in equipment costs.  Why should it be any different for a Paintball player?

If you play Hockey, you know Hockeytron as one of the best in the business in terms of offering quality customer service, low priced quality goods, and a passion for the sport that starts from the top down.  We have over $10 million in paintball product ready to ship and we ship same business day.  Our website, is currently live and ready to for you to browse name brand items like Valken, GoG and Planet Eclipse.

With that being said, we’ll see you  behind the bunker!

Here at Hockeytron, we not only want to give you the best deals for hockey equipment, but also give you an inside look at the industry and a more detailed look at all things equipment.  Our first post is an interview with Chris Malki, the founder and CEO of Hockeytron.  Chris has worked in the hockey equipment in the market for over a decade, and continues to be one of the leading whole sale distributors.  He also founded HockeygiantHockeymonkey and Hockeyplus.  When he’s not at the rink, Chris can be found at the Hockeytron store designing more equipment.

When did you first discover the sport of ice hockey? What did you like about it?
I started playing hockey when I was 6 in Montreal, Canada.  My parents could not afford to buy me full hockey gear so I played street hockey until I was 11.   Everyone played hockey in Quebec and the Canadiens in Montreal were very inspiring in the 70s!
Who was/were your favorite player(s) growing up?
Guy Lafleur, Yvan Cournoyer and Ken Dryden
What made you want to start producing your own line of hockey equipment?
When I realized that the manufacturers were literally gauging us hockey players
How does someone design their own hockey stick?
First you find a factory that has manufactured other sticks for other major manufacturers in the past,  then you obtain samples of all the different sticks and ask for the exact materials that were used.  You then start testing what they already have available.  You then contact composite factories for better materials.  You then look for the best possible resins.  Get the weight down, get balance and protect the major breakpoints with strong slash proof materials.
What are the most popular curves?
The Malki ( P92 ) , Jarvis ( P88 ) and the Dvorak ( PM9 )
How do you design the color schemes on the sticks?
You have your graphic artist design a stick graphic that is both noticeable on the ice and is conservative looking.
Why did you choose the name HockeyTron?
It was the only short hockey name available on   The Tron has been used many times in the past as a suffix.  Jumbotron, Scantron etc
How many retail stores carry Hockeytron equipment?
Close to 500 stores worldwide
Who tests the equipment?
Several high end hockey players including the Junior Pro team from Ontario,  the Waterloo Siskins.
What’s next for Hockeytron?
Better skates ( both inline and ice ), Lacrosse, HECC approved player and goalie helmets.  More shields.  Jerseys for other sports and high end patented product!

Thanks Chris for your time and keep up the great work!
Join us next week for another inside look at hockey equipment!

Big Things to come from Tron in 2014

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Happy New Years! Here at Hockeytron we are starting off our 4th year with a bang! I want to start this post with a big thank you to all of our customers: core products have literally been flying off of our shelves.  Our high end sticks, visors, jerseys, socks and gloves have been top sellers for us.  We have also sold absurd amounts of roller hockey equipment; wheels, bearings, pucks and girdles.

We also must thank you for all of the word of mouth marketing you guys give us.  While it is tempting to do a Superbowl ad, thus far Ovechkin hasn’t returned my calls, so we will continue to rely on you.

Remember, the greatest sport in the world, hockey, is for everyone and should not cost you hundreds of dollars to play.  That being said, here’s what we have to look forward in the first half of 2014!


Junior SK300 Socks


These will come in all 30 NHL team home and away colors in 24”

Tron Retail Price: $12.99    Reebok Price: $24.99

Pant Shells

(pic coming soon)

Highly durable, and will come in 4 different colors

Tron Retail Price: $29.99    CCM Price: $59.99

W300 Warm Ups


These will be the highest quality warm ups ever made.  Not only will they have excellent breathing, but will also have great access for embroidery.  Want them customized for your team? No problem

Tron Retail Price: $49.99   Bauer Price: $99.99

Two New Ice Skates

skates405XS-skate photo

We have designed a new high end ice skate, and a new mid level ice skate.

High End  Tron Retail Price: $149.99   Bauer Price: $399.99

Mid Grade  Tron Retail Price: $89.99  Bauer Price: $149.99

Two New Inline Skates


We have also designed two new inline skates.  One is constructed similar to a Tour skate, and the other is similar to Bauer’s high end skate.

Tron Prices: $169.99 and $139.99.  Tour Price: $299.99  Bauer Price: $399.99

Two New High End sticks

(pics coming soon)

In addition to our popular stick lines, we will be adding a composite ABS stick that will be built for high end roller hockey players and another stick that will be around 375 grams

Tron Retail Price: $69.99  Bauer Retail Price: $149.99

S4500 Helmet

Front Right

This will be similar to Bauer’s 4500 helmet.  It will be HECC approved and will come in 10 colors.  It will be available with a cage

Tron Retail Price: $49.99   Bauer Combo Retail Price: $89.99

Mega Goalie Helmet

goalie helmet

This will be a HECC approved standard goalie helmet that will retail for under $100

S920 Visor

(pic coming soon)

This visor will be similar to the Bauer 920 shield/ cage combo

Tron Retail Price$29.99   Bauer Retail Price: $79.99

Two additional Tron Gloves

trongloves2 trongloves1

Both new gloves will be all leather.  The 5000 will be a 4-roll similar to Bauer’s current 4 roll and the T10 will be similar to the TPS Response

Tron Retail Prices: $79.99 and $69.99  Bauer and TPS Retail Prices $149.99 and $119.99

Swiss Bearings


We will also be manufacturing Swiss Bearings

Tron Retail Price: $29.99     Mission Retail Price $79.99

Two New Inline Pants

(pics coming soon)

We are going to make two new lines of inline pants called the VElite and the Vlite.  While we haven’t decided on a price for them, they will retail for much less than our competitors’.

We are also creating a new protective line, which will be very similar to Warrior;s highest end protective gear, however ours will retail at ⅓ of their retail price.

Elbow Pad Shoulder Pad SG 1-injection cap+water decal

And there’s more!

We will also launch our new brand of lacrosse equipment.

111513 Water Decal 3 110813 Tron Hockey SP 1 111513 Glove Palm Design 111513 Glove Hand Design Tron Hockey EG 2 Tron Hockey EG 1 WINDCHARGER-Cover Page 1

High end Warrior style sticks, elbow & shoulder pads, gloves that will retail for ¼ of the Warrior retail price.

Plus we will bring our world class hockey jersey skills to the lacrosse market, with full customization and the same wicking material we use in our hockey jerseys.

(pics coming soon)

LacrosseTron Retail Price: $12.99   Warrior Retail Price: $39.99

With our Tron Elite Anchor hockey stick being a dead ringer for a Total One and the 405XS doing a great job of mimicking the Easton RS look, we have been hit with much feedback about the looks we chose for our sticks, most positive, but some negative.  Some people don’t see why we would mimic the looks of our competitors, saying we have no originality to design something new and different.  And while that is one way of looking at the picture, consider the way we look at it here at HockeyTron.
We spend a lot of time talking about sticks like the Total One and the RS because we realize an important point:  You don’t get to the be the best in the business by making products that aren’t pushing the envelope more or constantly raising the bar.  Bauer is the company it is because they have a loyal following of people that come to expect a certain quality of product bearing the Bauer logo on it.  And indeed, you can’t deny that Bauer is a frontrunner in the industry.  The same goes for Easton:  Their sticks have long been considered to be at the edge of the engineering and development available today.
So when you want to be the best, you aim for the best.  And you don’t just match the best, you beat it.. surpass it in all aspects.  And that’s where TRON Hockey comes in.
Did you know that once we receive our 100K stick at the end of the summer, TRON hockey will have the 3 lightest sticks in the ENTIRE industry?  The Elite Anchor and the 405XS both flirt so closely to the 400 grams mark, they are easily the lightest sticks available.  And the 100k is expected to come in at around 415 grams and one of very few True one piece sticks.  Compare this to the lightest stick available by Bauer right now, the Vapor APX, which is 420grams at standard length.  The Nexus 1000 is going to ring up pretty close to the 420grams mark as well.  The Total One weigh in at 425 grams.  The Easton Stealth RS weighs around 440grams at standard length.
Unfortunately, we have all paid the expensive lesson of knowing that shaving off those precious grams of weight seems to drive the price skyward at a pretty alarming rate.  And that’s where TRON sticks truly shine brighter than anything available to anyone from anywhere, bar none!  You would absolutely flip to see a Total One or a RS retailing for $129.99 (That’s a little more than half their full retail price), and with good reason!  High quality items deserve their price tags at times, but really, if I showed you an RS and a 405XS, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two whether you were blindfolded or not.  And once I tell you one goes for $130 and one goes for $240, I think many people would choose to walk out with 2 405XS sticks for nearly the same price you’d leave our store with a single Easton RS.
All we wanted to show was that there is no longer a reason to wring a customer’s neck over a pro-level stick.  And with a nearly identical look, Bauer and Easton both have very little justification for the eventual retail markup the stick endures if we can pretty much do the same exact thing at half the price.  So what some feel we lack in originality, we hope that more people will enjoy our very blunt attitude towards proving to customers that ridiculous prices for hockey equipment is a thing of the past now that HockeyTron is on the scene.

One additional note:  Besides the 405XS, Elite Anchor and the 100K we will be adding the Heat APS and the X19 this fall.

Great store to buy Hockey Visors

You want the best features in everything that you buy.  It only makes sense.  You obviously want to get the most out of the money you’re earning.  So you might do a little research, shop around a little bit, see what costs how much and what it offers to you.

So say you’re shopping around for a new visor.  Most hockey players are really only looking for 2 major features in a half shield.  They don’t want it to fog up on them while they are playing, as that’s a tedious task to wipe them shift to shift, and they don’t want it to get scratched up as they are playing or as its traveling around in the bag after the game.  So when you see something like this


It seems pretty obvious what the best option here is considering the main components you’re looking for.  So what is the mystery visor that offers so much at so little?


None other than the TRON S30 Hockey Visor!  And with over 5000 of our half shields sold and shipped to every state in the US and many countries around the world, people in the hockey world are definitely taking notice.  And trying one for yourself is truly the best way to see just how much money you can save going with TRON products that give you everything you want at prices that are almost unheard of.

As our stock of our great visor kept dwindling away, we ordered many more of our clear models and decided to offer a new option for those who wanted a brand new perspective, the TRON S30T Visor.  In every respect as brilliant as its clear counter counterpart, the tinted model works almost as a pair of sunglasses do:  It dims down the brightness that many hockey players have found to be much more appealing to both their eyesight and overall look.  This is all at only $24.99, and when you consider that you pay 2.5 times that to get an Oakley visor that has the same features and carries the same look, you could buy a couple of these if you have more than one helmet, or as a gift for a buddy on your team with an old beat up one. 

We will also have another style of visor available towards the end of summer, the TRON S40 ($24.99) and S40T ($29.99) visor.  It will have all the usual anti-scratch and anti-fog materials you’ve come to expect from the S30 model, but the S40 models will come in an entirely new cut than our current 3 models.  The cut on the S40 will leave for an absolutely distortion free line of vision all around, and the polycarbonate make-up is incredibly resilient to scratches, breaks, and cracks.  The S40 visor also carriers a CE certification to insure its safety specifications.

All things considered, whether you like a crystal clear or tinted shade for eyes, it’s easy to see the obvious choice for a half-shield is a TRON model!  Check out the Reviews!

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